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Solar Energy Installation

Greene County NY solar energy consultant and installer Gordon Cochrane works with residences, businesses, and municipalities to determine your electrical and hot water usage and future needs.  After working with you to determine how you can reduce your electric or hot water consumption, he will develop a plan that takes advantage of the huge New York State and Federal rebates and tax incentives that are currently available for new solar installations.  In some cases, tax incentives are even available for the cost of new roofing, if it is necessary to replace roofing prior to an installation.  In other cases, net-metering can even allow the solar installation to occur at a site that is remote from the residence, business, or municipality that receives the benefit.

For residential or commercial clients who heat with radiant heat, or who use a significant amount of hot water, solar thermal water heating may be the best solution.  For high or even moderate residential, commercial, or municipal electric users, solar PV systems can be purchased at a significant discount to offset either most or a portion of their future cost, depending on the investment they are willing to make.